Can you Kiki?

After being the singer in an off-swing band called BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL for two years I started to work on my own songs in september 2005. I used Phillicorda Organ and Dr. Groove drum machine and did my first live home recordings with a stereo mic on minidisc. My debut performance was on 4th of december 2005 for Goldmund´s "Idylle gesucht; PATHOS V", where DAS APHORAMA and me were djing, too. It was a lot of fun! So I did the first studio recordings with Bernd Jestram (Tarwater) at his beautiful Bleibeil Studio in Berlin (RESILIENZ EP). In  october 2006 I started working with a Jam Man Loop Station,  a small (gameboyish) yamaha sequenzer and every effect pedal I cold lay hands on. That gave me the possibillity to use different sounds and do weird stuff with my voice, though I'm looping it. With this new set up I recorded an EP called THE CURE and an experimental ambient album called SCORES & SPOOKY OUTTAKES.  By the end of 2008 my debut album ALL THE BEAUTIFUL was released on the Berlin based independent label MATROSENBLAU. I recorded it at home and mixed it together with Thommy Krawallo at Domino Studio Berlin. ALL THE BEAUTIFUL features Sicker Man on cello & loops and Horst Nonnenmacher playing the double bass, so I invited them to join me live on stage and we had an awesome record release party at Ballhaus Ost.

Since the beginning of 2007 I was invited to open the show for some great artists and bands. I played support shows for Jarvis Cocker, Matt Elliott, Bracken, Lou Barlow, Gustav, Tess Wiley, Rocko Schamoni & Little Machine, Damon & Naomi, Jens Friebe, Future Islands, Lampshade, Gregory & the Hawk, Gods of Love, The Dead Sea, Destructo Swarmbots and the wonderful Dälek. Thank you all so much for your support & the wonderful music!
I´ve been working in the studio shared stage with such amazing artists as Arlo Guthrie, ellenschneider, Sicker Man, Baby Universal, Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre), The Crack-Up Collective, Will Carruthers (Spaceman 3), Blainbieter and Lonski & Classen.
I also played a lot of great headliner shows and fantastic festivals like 8 Jahre amSTARt, Maids of melancholy and mesmerization, GOLDMUND FESTIVAL II & III, Fusion Festival 07, 08, 09 & 10, Lethargy Festival Zürich, Woodstock Memorial @ Bar 25, Klangbad Festival, Nation of Gondwana, Kamp Open-Air 09, 10 & 11, BRN.